Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Days Before My Birthday

Two days...
Two stinkin days!

Two days before my birthday I would've had my last final and I would've sold my textbooks back for cold hard cash, and I would've been able to buy my BFD ticket.

Well today was the day that was two days before my birthday.
Today was the day I got hit by a car while riding my bike to campus.

Campus was just a block away and my final was just 10 minutes away from starting. I was carrying with me the five books I was going to sell back. Now my mind keeps replaying my books flying above my head and lying face down in the middle of the road.

I just remember breathing and blinking.

Breathing in the cement that I have walked on and ridden my bike on for nearly five years. Blinking in disbelief. I will never forget what I felt at that moment.

Luckily I hobbled out of the emergency room with a scraped up arm, sprained ankle, and bruises all over my body.

Two days before my birthday I won a raffle for taking a survey to help out a sociology class.

Two days before my birthday I got the job I interviewed for four days before my birthday.

Tomorrow I will for sure wake up feeling like I was hit by a car.


1 comment:

  1. Terrible way to spend your birthday all stiff and sore. I hope your feeling a little bit better now. Going to blogherfood09 has got to help get your min of it a little! So glad your were able to swing it and go. A bunch of us r going to dinner Fri. night if your around!
    BTW-Happy Birthday!