Thursday, November 11, 2010

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival- Friday Night Festivities

This past weekend (November 5-7th) Foodbuzz held its second annual bloggers conference. I was lucky enough to experience the food coma that are the festivities. Friday's festivities included check-in (aka grabbing swag bag) and then boarding a bus headed to Fort Mason for the sole purpose of gorging on some of SF's finest foods.

This is where I met my partner in crime for the weekend, Marissa of Jar Full of Dreams.

We got seated at separate tables where bloggers did a gift exchange and munched on small treats (and speakeasy ale)(or wine... I chose the former).

After the gift exchange and a welcome speech, we set out on a mission: eat everything. The food coma that ensued will tell you we accomplished our mission.

We started withStrauss ice cream and Speakeasy ale. Then tried Mission Minis tri-colored, tri-flavored mini cupcakes. One of each flavor: vanilla, pumpkin, and cinnamon.Then we moved onto tacos. Delicious, delicious tacos (and more beer).

Tacos were grabbed, now all we had to do was acquire a table. The table we spotted only had one guy standing at it so we figured there would be plenty of room for everyone. Little did we know, we grabbed the worst table ever. The lone guy at the table was a Cody Ross look-alike we dubbed the Food Truck Pimp. When our plates had been licked clean, the FTP (Food Truck Pimp) proceeded to run us all around the pavillion, claiming everything was "the best *insert food here* of San Francisco". The only Best Of I will give him are these little porky babies served on the side of a pork sandwich. 4505 Meats Chicharrones, I love you.

During our time in the pavillion we tried desperately to find more food and ditch the FTP. In our search, we found paella, Roli Roti sandwiches, and more of the chicharrones i love so dearly. SCORE!

When all had been tasted, we rolled ourselves back to the bus. I rolled myself onto BART, found my way home, and let my food coma lull me to sleep.