Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disaster of a Local Business

Last Sunday BF and I headed out to play pool downtown with some friends.
Free pool and $2 beer... we couldn't say no.

A few pitchers in and a few hours later we decided to try the food. After checking out the menu provided on the tables adjacent to the pool tables we chose fried mushrooms and chili cheese fries.

I went up to the counter to order and was told they didn't have enough for a serving of mushrooms (this was quite annoying especially after they ran out of the beer we wanted) then the waitress said they didn't have chili cheese fries. The owner happened to be sitting just next to where I was ordering and asked me if I ordered off the menu. Of course I did, that's why I had ordered them.

It baffles me that we were there around dinner time and they didn't have any food to offer.
I just don't understand how businesses can be so ill prepared for opening. I'll give this place one more try, but they blew their first impression.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughts on a Thursday

  • End of my first week at work. I'm in over my head.
  • I hate the heat. It makes me feel puffy.
  • Why is the Thursday Market so awesome?
  • Why was I so afraid of my high schoolers? They're great.
  • I'm very happy I get new roommates. My old ones were the meanest/stupidest people I'd ever met.
  • I might like tacos more than I originally thought.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Market That Wasn't There

Annie's Asian Grill...

What can I say? It's so so so close to BF's house and for some reason we rarely go.
On this particular day, we walked down to the Thursday market. Except the Thursday market wasn't there. Something about thunderstorm warnings on a clear, sunny day and they cancel the market. Since we were already out and about, we decided to grab some dinner. We sat on Annie's cute back patio under the twinkle lights and canopies.

I chose a tasty Teriyaki chicken plate that came with warm miso soup from right off the stove, perfectly sticky rice, and a wonderfully cool salad.

BF chose the biggest bento I've ever seen in my life. His bento was filled to its brim with panko breaded pork, Teriyaki chicken, California rolls, a salad, miso soup, and rice.

No other Asian cuisine in town could offer what Annie's does. Amazing food and a great atmosphere that's perfect for a warm summer evening.


Friday, June 5, 2009

On Food and Dating... Mexican Style

BF and I both love food. He cooks and I bake. Although, he loves to help decorate cookies and mix frosting colors.

Since it is summer break, we have a lot more time to hang out. Which means we've been eating our way around town. After craving nachos all day, we stumbled into Chronic Tacos. I think we only chose to go here because they have cheap beer. The pictures do not do the food justice. I just forgot to take them before I started digging in.

BF got a carnitas taco which is not here because it was gone by the time I snapped these. I got a grilled mahi mahi taco which is pictured as a half eaten mess. And we shared bean and cheese nachos. They may look basic but the flavor of the beans and the cheese was awesome.

I like that you order your taco and then you get to put whatever you want on it. I put something called Baja sauce on mine and it was perfectly creamy and spicy and complemented the fish and lime juice well. Then it was topped off with cabbage and just a dash of cheese.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised with this place. BF liked the laid-back surfer vibe and I'd have to agree; it was a great little hangout. I believe we will be frequenting Chronic Tacos in the very near future.