Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disaster of a Local Business

Last Sunday BF and I headed out to play pool downtown with some friends.
Free pool and $2 beer... we couldn't say no.

A few pitchers in and a few hours later we decided to try the food. After checking out the menu provided on the tables adjacent to the pool tables we chose fried mushrooms and chili cheese fries.

I went up to the counter to order and was told they didn't have enough for a serving of mushrooms (this was quite annoying especially after they ran out of the beer we wanted) then the waitress said they didn't have chili cheese fries. The owner happened to be sitting just next to where I was ordering and asked me if I ordered off the menu. Of course I did, that's why I had ordered them.

It baffles me that we were there around dinner time and they didn't have any food to offer.
I just don't understand how businesses can be so ill prepared for opening. I'll give this place one more try, but they blew their first impression.


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