Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Experience With Coffee

For the past week or so I've really been craving coffee. Iced coffee to be exact. My class got out a little early tonight so instead of walking to my car and going home I wandered over to the student union. Luckily the coffee shop was still open (for some reason they close super early even though students like to study there at night). So I whipped out my student planner (there's a page where you get stamps for free drinks) and got a free coffee. Now I dont know how to make a proper cup of coffee. So i just poured it over ice (sadly, the ice melted and watered down my coffee), added some non fat milk and a packet of sugar, and had my first cup of coffee (in college).

About an hour later and I'm still drinking it trying to figure out if I like it.

Pros: It was FREE!
It's cold
Roughly no calories

Cons: Not as yummy as a no sugar rockstar
It will not be free if I have to go buy a coffee maker and coffee
Coffee breath
Coffee stains

Jury is still out...


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