Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Better Part Of My Saturday

I had to wake up before the sun for a particular event put on by my department. It took place on campus in a rather dreary looking study room. From roughly 9am until 4pm I was scheduled to perform various catering duties such as cooking, chopping, maybe a little decorating, etc. What I ended up doing was walking around the farmer's market, buying flowers, then wandering around said study room for 4+ hours.

After walking around the farmer's market for quite some time, I found myself $30 in flowers (6 bouquets of wild flowers) and headed back to campus. By the time I got back, all the posters and displays that corresponded to said posters were up and ready. My poster, which I'm rather proud of looked a lot like the following poster (background photo taken by moi at our university's farm)...

The food (when it became available) wasn't too bad. I don't think any amount of practice would've prepared a class of roughly 55 to cater such an event. Needless to say, several food items were missing ingredients (ie: parfaits missing yogurt), but overall it was somewhat of a hit. I would've loved to take pictures of the crowd, but my camera was focused on the food.

Food tasted good, and with proper marketing I think it will be the event it deserves to be (in a few years).


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