Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Power Of Baking Soda

While I sit here listening to Whimsy-Girl's blog music (which is an awesome mix of music by the way and I'm kinda jealous my taste in music is so all over the place and hers is so together) I am pondering the awesomenessity of baking soda.

Today BF and I encountered a funny smell and we bought Target out of Arm & Hammer products (to the extent that the poor cashier girl even made a comment). But let me tell you, as a college student who encounters many odd, stale, decomposing type smells, I am an expert on air freshener products of all sorts! Not such a cool thing to know but it could come in handy some day. Hey, like today!


Just a sprinkle of the baking soda smelly powder stuff on the carpet and weird funky odor is gone! And I thought the only thing baking soda was good for was baking!

Along with the massive quantities of baking soda, we bought those Renuzit adjustable air freshener things in some citrus scent.

Who knew a bunch of college boys could have such a lovely smelling house.


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