Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly Daily Special!

As you've probably noticed I have very recently become a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher.

Yup. Me. Newly 24 year old me.

That's right. Moustachioed me.
But this post isn't about me.
Its about the weekly special posts I'm going to attempt to write because let's face it sometimes I post and sometimes I don't and everyone needs some normalcy.

And each week there are certain products that are featured in a challenge. The challenge for me, really, is writing once a week about a product I probably can't afford, thus, won't ever use. Here I go.

My pick of the week is.....

I'm pretty sure this is the whisk of the future. It comes in green (my faaaaavorite color) and, at its sale price, its practically a steal. And if it didn't look like it would poke an eye out, I'd be more likely to buy it. I'm also pretty sure that if I did own this contraption I'd wave it around in the air like a wand. And maybe use it to whack people with if they stepped into my kitchen. It is kind of cool though. Look at it! No scratched pans. No more wire whisk messes where all the wires get smooshed and tangled. And those balloon whisks... Yeah right. So actually I think I've changed my mind... These silicone whisks are cool.


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  1. OMG! those things are sooo cool! the red one would totally match my kitchenaid pots n pans!