Friday, April 9, 2010

I Miss Fish

It's hard to come by in this house.
I don't think the parents like fish.
I love fish.
I miss fish.
So when I went on a grocery shopping trip with Dad I jumped at the chance to buy some fish. Some fish that would be fit for FRYING.

Deep frying has recently come into mine and BF's lives. We'd never made fish and chips from scratch so, since he was over and we don't celebrate Easter, we deep fried some fish. And some potatoes. It was wonderful.

We used Alton Brown's fish and chip recipe as a guideline and went from there. We didn't have Old Bay seasoning and we had a six pack of Torpedo. I'd say it worked out just as well. Dad kept saying it was awesome.

Although it was an all afternoon affair, it was totally worth it.
I need more deep fried foods in my life.
And more real beer. Gluten-Free just isn't the same.



  1. Your photo says a thousand words. Great job from a great recipe. The fish looks delicious.

  2. You're so funny! You need more deep fried food? The fish look awesome! I love catfish fingers lighty breaded with a touch of sweetness in the batter to make it taste like fresh lake perch! Haha! Alton Brown is a good guide line to have. Did you pick up some Old Bay?

  3. Delicious ..I'm inspired to make this wonderful dish thank you for sharing your recipe.. I love fish..