Monday, November 9, 2009

The Prettiest Taco That Anyone Can Have

Sometimes you just want tacos. For some reason this happens to me a lot. I've been on a huge taco kick. So BF and I rented a scary movie and set out to have a taco night. I had the meat, the seasonings, the lettuce, the black beans, tomatoes, and the cheese. These are all my favorite taco toppings.
Lucky for me, BF likes refried beans, sour cream, and green chilies on his tacos so we had to go to the grocery store.
When we got back we both tackled cooking the meat and setting up the toppings on my counter.
I made the prettiest taco.
So pretty in fact that I was compelled to whip out the camera and take some quick shots of my taco in all its glory.

After a few minutes of taking pictures, we sat down, popped in the movie, and bit into our tacos. Then we realized we were missing one key element for a great taco night: margaritas.
Off the store we went. Again.
Finally we returned and after a fast whirring in the brand new blender, we had margaritas (which were not the prettiest margaritas that anyone can have but they tasted fantastic). With tacos, margaritas, and a scary movie we settled down, realizing we were on our way to having a great Friday night.



  1. Mmmm! Looks like we'll be having tacos Chez Wiles tonight! I am ridiculously suggestible ... (BTW. Beautiful pix.)

  2. Did you just leave the taco to go get the booze or did you at least finish the first taco? You crazy kids LOL. Party night is fast approching. Do you have me on your calender? Dec 6th! I cant wait. First store party that I'm excited to go to. :)
    Next year, lets go do Foodbuzz also!

  3. oh yeah..
    we left the tacos haha
    didn't even take one bite out of them.
    it was decided that we couldn't eat tacos without having margaritas.

    sooo excited for Dec 6th!
    it's in my calendar.


  4. I'm impressed by all the effort you put in to make food look great and delicious. Well done!